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Imagine a white paper, a shape behind it, and behind the shape a source of light, like a candle. I want to achieve the shadow effect you perceive looking at the white paper. How to do this in photoshop?

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Hi Untore, welcome to GD! Like Boblet said, what have you tried? Could you post some images or examples to show us where you are having difficulty. – Jenna Jan 12 '14 at 19:44
I thnk what s/he is refering to is shadow puppetry. – OghmaOsiris Jan 12 '14 at 19:47
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If I'm right in assuming what you're looking for is a similar effect of shadow puppetry, then you can achieve this in Photoshop using multiple layers:

I started with a blank colored background enter image description here

I added a subtle vignette with a radial gradient enter image description here

I thenj added my silhouette enter image description here

I added another on top, enlarged it and gave it a gausian blur and reduced the opacity (You can move this one around to change where the light source is) enter image description here

Finally, I changed the colors of the blured image to better mimic a shadow Finished image

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