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It seems that the author used a tool - other than SnagIt - to annotate this screen shot:

enter image description here


Does anybody know if there is a simple tool to create this type of annotations?

I know Illustrator or Gimp can do this, but I am looking for a simple tool to do this is seconds without ninja skills.

Thank you

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Irfanview comes with an edit plugin, and sometimes I use it to add comments. There are many other alternatives (e.g. see here or here or here) –  Paolo Gibellini Jan 16 '14 at 16:57

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When I was teaching computers overseas I used OpenOffice.org for stuff like this. It comes with Writer and Draw. Most things you can just import the image into Writer and use the Draw functions from within there. It works very well.

Can setup connection points for arrows and lines, adjust colors, add text. Really was happy with it.

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There is also Paint, which is oh so very very simple. I think a person would crack from frustration though, I second the open office suggestion :) –  Jenna Jan 16 '14 at 16:07

We have been using Greenshot for a few years now. It is free and available at sourceforge.net. Has these functions and many upload plugins. And is stable. Runs only on Windows.

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That looks like Evernote, which I use. The shadings on the type and the arrows are recognizable.

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