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I am wondering if there is any free online place that I can use to get some design ideas. I want to get those ideas and then use a service like Fiverr to get a for example logo designed for me.

For example I want my logo shows the concept of insight, but I don't know what graphic shows that concept. Is there anywhere on the web or any book that has some design samples for different concepts?

Maybe a more appropriate question is: for a person who is not a gifted graphic designer, is there a way to find some design ideas? For example how to find a design idea for the concept of insight? Is there a book or a resource that can help?

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So you want someone to give you an idea for free, then someone else to make it for you for $5? Hrrrm..... that's asking for quite a lot... see also How would you like your graphic design – user568458 Jan 17 '14 at 17:06
life is full of free ideas. – Ryan Jan 17 '14 at 17:07
@user568458 I do not want anybody to work for free. However, there are a lot of free resources, such as open source codes, free images, etc. I was wondering if there is similar thing for design ideas. – TJ1 Jan 17 '14 at 20:19
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There are millions of communities to get inspiration from do a Google search:

Google logo inspiration:

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Thank you very much, that is a fantastic list. – TJ1 Jan 17 '14 at 20:33

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