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What is the official name of this image gripper? It is often found on the side of a panel widget for dragging.

Is it named "gripper"? A Google search doesn't return a lot of results for "gripper icon".

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We can help you identify the name of this sort of UI element, but resource gathering is too broad for our community. Also, A screenshot of where this element is used would be helpful. –  JohnB Jan 23 at 22:16
Should be migrated to UX.stackexchange.com –  OghmaOsiris Jan 24 at 0:54

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Very few UI elements have names that approach anything close to being 'official'. There's plenty of common terms for a lot of the common UI elements, but even then, one shop may call it one thing, while another a something different.

So, use what you want and your team agrees upon. "gripper" is as good as any.

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The two most common terms are "handle" followed by "gadget." Gadget has dropped out of fashion over time, since it has been co-opted as a term for mostly useless programs. –  horatio Jan 24 at 15:41

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