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What's the name of the font?Can someone help me identify what font this is, or a very close substitute?

enter image description here

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Hi and welcome to GD. What have you tried? We have a wiki giving resources for just this: graphicdesign.stackexchange.com/tags/font-identification/info –  Benteh Jan 27 at 7:47
There is a reason why we edit questions here at GD. It is to make them more accessible later, to put them in a context and help with wording. If you have good reason to edit it back to the original, at least check your spelling and grammar. –  Benteh Jan 27 at 10:41

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The sample is too small in order to permit a definitive identification. Try Arial Bold or Arial Black; or several variants of Helvetica would probably match.

If it's from a web page, the source of the page will probably tell you what it is: we can't because we don't know where it's from.

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