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My work has been using CS3 for far to long so I finally got them to upgrade to the CC suite.

This has been great but I only have one problem. I can't remember how to change the default PS layer to be transparent! I made this change to my mac at home about 2 years ago and just can't remember where the setting is stored at.

This is how the default layer looks,

Solid color layer

This is how I want the default layer to be,

Transparent layer

Anyone know how to change this setting? Every time I Google it I get how to apply opacity which is far from what I was looking for.

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When you create a new document, change the "Background Contents" from White to Transparent.

New Document Dialog

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you can also just use the presets... and save your background per preset.

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Just go to File > New put Size 600×600, Resolution 72, and background Contents to Transparency.

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