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This is my first topic, so go easy on me. :D

I got a customer who wants me to design her job application. I want to design it with Adobe illustrator and set up the text with indesign. However the client does not own copies of these programs, which then leads me to the question:

How should I export the final product for my client, so that it is easy to edit in the future. Either for Microsoft office, or maybe by some easy freeware program?

Any ideas?

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You'll have to make it in word if you want to preserve editing. Indesign is for final layouts really. It helps to make a indesign draft though and then try to match that in my experience. –  KMSTR Feb 1 at 14:09
Wow that's disappointing, and really kinda weird. I can't be the first who's encountered this type of problem. –  endose Feb 1 at 14:15
You are not. But this goes for a lot of specialized software. Making something that you can then edit without the software it created will be a hassle in any field. –  KMSTR Feb 1 at 17:11
That makes total sense, thanks. :) –  endose Feb 1 at 17:54
In my job I consistently need to provide the design editable. What I do is, for example, in a design for A4, I create a Microsoft Office's Word file, put the image in background and creates text-boxes. In the case of using fonts that was bought or even designed for me, I add an extra-fee for Copyright purposes. :) –  fiskolin Feb 2 at 2:28

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