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I tried to find the font via whatthefont and whatfontis tools, to no avail. Can anyone identify this font:

Technica Font

The font is Linhof's Technika camera's logo, if that helps. Not even sure if it is a font or just a logotype.

Thanks for any help!

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There are a few more resources you could try; it would be good if you could eliminate these first graphicdesign.stackexchange.com/tags/font-identification/info. There is a good chance, however, that the logo is lettering (i.e. constructed letter by letter), not a font. –  Random O'Reilly Feb 1 at 20:57
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3 Answers

I could not find the exact font, but Chord Black Regular is very similar except for the letter "K".

enter image description here

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N, T, A, and E doesn't resemble much. But thanks for the answer. –  occultsearcher Feb 2 at 21:54
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The Logo looks like a calligraphic work and is probably not a part of any known font family. Probably, the letters were specially designed for the company.

PS Some guy used similar (but NOT exactly) font in his logo... probably you can ask him - enter image description here


You can use this picture to grab the whole font probably:


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it certainly looks engineered rather than "designed". –  Random O'Reilly Feb 1 at 21:20
@boblet I have a doubt that design and engineering are separated %), do they? –  Ilan Feb 1 at 21:41
Oh, indeed, most certainly! –  Random O'Reilly Feb 1 at 21:51
Why does the logo have "GI3" in it??? :) –  Scott Feb 2 at 21:37
There are similarities but mostly they are very different than each other. Are they not? –  occultsearcher Feb 2 at 21:55
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Very likely the typeface for Technika was designed especially for them. Mata Regular is similar in spirit, if that means anything.

enter image description here

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