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I'm trying to change the "3" to a gradient, but when I click the gradient icon it just goes black and the gradient settings to not take effect. I tried going to object > expand but that didn't do anything.

Here are screenshots.

Selecting the fill works.

enter image description here

Selecting the gradient does not work.

Gradient just turns it black

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Add a new fill to the text via the Appearance Panel. Apply the gradient there.


Live text can not contain a gradient fill as the primary fill (don't ask me why).

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Still no luck :( Here's a screenshot of my update. –  evan Feb 6 at 20:38
Move the gradient fill above the <characters> in the Appearance Panel. Note the order of things in my screenshot. –  Scott Feb 6 at 20:40
Awesome, thanks! –  evan Feb 6 at 20:45

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