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Ever since I found designs that has this warped shadow effect I couldn't stop trying it out and see if I could do it. I've already done my research and I can't seem to get it perfectly. I'm trying to achieve this: enter image description here

I'm trying to achieve that shadow effect below the large image. It's on the green background. But so far this is what I came up with:

enter image description here

I don't think it's the same as the first image. Well, it's not really the same cause the shadow on the first picture is on a green background but I'm saying, it's really not perfect like the first one. Please tell me how to make this perfectly. I know there are a lot of ways to achieve this but I am really running out of ideas. I already tried every method I know of.

I already checked the said "duplicate". It's quite not the same as what I'm trying to achieve. I wanna achieve the first image's shadow PERFECTLY not similarly. I've already gotten it similarly now I wanna achieve it perfectly.

Here's more of what I came up with:

enter image description here

Okay, so this question is about modifying curved shadows to simulate a bulge that lifts high enough for some light scatter to soften the middle of the shadow. - user568458

^ that is exactly the problem. Thank you for pointing it out for me user568458

An update:

enter image description here

It's still not perfect but this is what I came up with trying what user568458's suggestion.

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Okay, so this question is about modifying curved shadows to simulate a bulge that lifts high enough for some light scatter to soften the middle of the shadow. Seems legit. The key place you're going wrong is, you're eliminating the shadow from the middle, instead of softening it. Also, yours has nothing that is like the very thin dark 'lip' of the edge of the paper. A final tip for problems like this is, if you get stuck: get some real paper and light and try to re-create it in real life. Really understand what the light is doing and why. – user568458 Feb 9 '14 at 22:33
@user568458, that is exactly what I'm having problems with. I'm posting up more of what I came up with but none of them are exactly perfect like how you're describing it. – CheeseCake Feb 9 '14 at 22:38
Yeah you want something between those two examples. A hard shadow for the lip, two soft shadows left and right for the upward curves for the areas where the gap is tight and primary and secondary light sources are blocked (softening both down and towards the centre as the distance between papers increases), and one very soft shadow over the whole area for areas reached by secondary scattered light but not primary light. – user568458 Feb 9 '14 at 23:01
You should great a base gradient shadow (under the image layer. Select a round marquee with a 5-10% feather (try a few different levels. Fill it with gray. Then you need to warp transform it. Keep in mind you can also transform the size of the shadow too (as in squishing it) Once you have the one side, duplicate the layer and reflect the it. This should give you the uniformity and the desired effect. – Javi Feb 10 '14 at 1:58

If you look at it very carefully, it's not a centred shadow, and its not symmetrical.

The user has probably hand drawn a mask of the shape they desired, and then used a brush to scrape out some of the shadow where they felt it gave the best feeling of depth.

An easier way to do this is to use iBooks Author or Pages, they both have presets that do something very similar to this.

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Unfortunately, this noob designer who asked the question doesn't own a mac. But thanks for the answer though. I'm voting it up I'm sure this is helpful to those who have macs. :) – CheeseCake Feb 17 '14 at 15:06

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