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When I export Illustrator artwork as a png file, I get a yellow, or gray pixels at the sides of the artwork or duplicates part of the drawing at the bottom. I have no more elements, my background is transparent... i m saving for web and resizing in 5 different sizes, enter image description herethe funny part is in some sizes comes out with that error some other don't.

enter image description here

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Thanks, actually if i do snap to pixel the artwork comes out cropped from the sides si if i give more espace between the artwork and the canvas comes out with thos pixel bothers, and if i snap it it gets cropped... =( ........ also the option rearrange in Artboard is not activated... –  user20004 Feb 18 at 22:17
Hi there! Perhaps you should open a new question with some screenshots and details about the issues you mention in your comment (or edit this one, but it's probably easier to create a new one). –  Yisela Feb 18 at 23:58
The images you added confuse me, where's the grey border? –  JohnB Feb 19 at 2:41
Thanks for reading me, sorry my english not so good... uploaded new image –  user20004 Feb 19 at 18:14

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