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I am working with someone who likes to use Photoshop for their scientific figure layouts, but I prefer Illustrator. When I finish with editing in Illustrator I want to give it to them such that it is ready to go for editing in Photoshop and will not cause them problems or confusion. Can I convert my Illustrator file into a Photoshop document such that things like text, arrows, lines remain editable? I do not want them converted into some abstract "shape" when imported/converted into Photoshop.

I understand that Illustrator and Photoshop are fundamentally different in that Illustrator is mostly vector based whereas Photoshop is mostly pixel based. On the other hand, both programs share things such as scalable text (and I think the same goes for scalable arrows/lines as well)

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Not easily. In theory you could script the creation of corresponding text layers. Anyway people usually prefer phtoshop mainly because they have never tried to use illustrator. –  joojaa Feb 20 '14 at 5:45

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You can export your Illustrator file to a PSD. This will maintain what can be maintained. That won't include everything, but text and shapes can be exported as text and shapes.

Simply choose File > Export... and choose "Photoshop (psd)" from the drop down menu. Then click the EXPORT button and a second dialog will pop up....


Be certain to export to the color model the Illustrator document is in and tick the "Write Layers" option.

It helps if you avoid all transparency and blend modes in Illustrator. If you do have transparency settings, including glows and shadows, some Illustrator artwork can be flattened upon the export to maintain the overall appearance. It is best to never add any shadows or glows or blending options within Illustrator before the export.

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