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I used to be a big fan of a band called Maximum The Hormone and i decided to check out one of their songs, which soon led me to revisit their site. On there I roamed and visited their band page. I noticed they had an awesome picture of themselves in a black and white tent, which can be seen here. I was wondering if anyone knew how to perform this task in Photoshop? or if you knew a site which showed a tutorial for this. I currently run CC edition and I am pretty familiar with some of the basic layer adjustments. I just want to make cool photos for Facebook and stuff like that. I would be grateful.

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Personally I am more of a fan of the Exposure or Shadows/Highlight options as I feel they give finer control to the levels of the darks and lights along with the gamma correction needed to get really sharp curves to mimic the OP image mentioned...

  • Take your photo:

enter image description here

  • De-saturate it by switching the mode to Grayscale:

enter image description here

  • Adjust the image using Exposure or Shadows/Highlights:

enter image description here

  • Adjust the Shadows/Highlights to your liking (remember to tick the Show More Options box):

enter image description here

  • Or adjust the Exposure as you need:

enter image description here

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That is a great example. I tried it the method comes out pretty close. Thankyou, and thanks to everyone else as well. – Evylent Feb 21 '14 at 5:46

To make it black and white go to Image => Adjustment => Disaturate To make it look like a poster do Image => Adjustment => Posterize

you can play with levels to make it a bit more interesting

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Click on the adjustment layer button (the little circular icon at the bottom of your layers palette)

Select either Black & White or Hue/Saturation. Black and White is a one-click option. With Hue/Saturation, you can dial down the sliders and play with the levels.

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