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I have my logo I'm trying to make multiple dimensions of it. Like a 50x50, 100x100, etc. (because certain websites only accept certain dimensions). How would I go about doing this? I've make my logo in illustrator with pixel perfectness and my avatar just consists of a simple svg (that being my logo) and a background. Does anybody know a way to do this? I know I'll have to save one by one, but how could I increase the image (because I'll start out at 50x50) and keep the quality of it?

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If you've got 'align to pixel grid' on already then it should save beautifully to any size with Save for Web.. in Illustrator. What software are you using? Is the logo vector or raster based? –  Mr E. Upvoter Feb 27 at 6:41
Dominic, actually the saving in illustrator is a lot easier. –  ErraticFox Feb 27 at 6:54
Did that solve the problem? I'm not sure if you mean it helped or you already knew about it? –  Mr E. Upvoter Feb 27 at 7:23
I already knew about it, but I'd thought it'd do the same thing with Ps while using a smart object or vector. –  ErraticFox Feb 27 at 7:27
Only vector based objects can scale without degrading. You will lose quality on any raster based parts when scaling up, while it's not really a problem if scaling down. Photoshop is a raster based image manipulation tool, Illustrator is a vector based tool. Newer Ps versions do have vector tools. Anyway, you need to add more information to the question as it's too hard to recommend a course of action when we don't know what you have access to. –  Mr E. Upvoter Feb 27 at 7:34

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