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I'm working on an infographic that depicts a satellite "beaming" down a video signal to a receiver on planet Earth.

How exactly would one design this video signal? I don't want the viewer to think the beam is a laser beam, and I don't want it to look like a particle beam, or a light beam from a UFO, etc.

How would you draw/illustrate a beam or streak that conveys to the user that it can't be seen by the naked eye, yet, it illustrates that data is being transmitted?

Also, if anyone knows of a Photoshop tutorial out there that I could follow to create it, that would be great! Thanks for your time.

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Could you show us what you've tried and why you feel it's not working? –  Scott Mar 6 at 4:09
This looks like brainstorming/idea gathering for a specific project… which is off-topic. –  e-sushi Mar 6 at 14:48
@e-sushi Not necessarily off-topic, see this meta post. We have been accepting representation questions migrated from UX, I don't see how this one is any different. Scott's comment is valid, though. It helps to see what has been tried. –  Yisela Mar 6 at 19:59

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I would add some lines like in the wlan-icon as they represent unseen signals

From IconFinder:

enter image description here

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If this was inverted (as mentioned above "coming from space"), this would look like a tractor beam to me. See here...wraithkal.info/wp-content/uploads/QqO6g.jpg –  Phlume Mar 6 at 21:34
No, I thought thinner ones, not EXACTLY like the ones from the icon...more like this: atrexx.com/images/cms/19183148.jpg –  marsman Mar 6 at 21:40
Can this new image you have posted represent the same meaning/message without the giant satellite "leading the witness" though? The concentric circles you show still feel like a tractor beam. I only recognize it as a signal because of the dish shown. –  Phlume Mar 6 at 21:43
Here's a NASA image. Does this look too much like laser?filegr.am/buckets/v/SugljHLa –  redshift Mar 7 at 2:55

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