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This problem keeps coming up again and again. I have tried to use the Dither checkbox in a Layer Effect in Photoshop CS6+ but that doesnt always work so well.

And applying a grain effect or noise effect just looks horrible sometimes.

It might be that I am not doing this correctly so would love feedback or leads to online tutorials that really solve this issue.

NOTE: I am preparing graphics strictly for web — so need to make gradients smooth in all displays including Apple Thunderbolt Displays, iPhone, iPad and even crappy monitors with low color gamuts.


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You can't do anything for all monitors. There's no way to adjust for pixel density, calibration, etc. within the image itself. You're sort of asking for the impossible here. – Scott Mar 7 '14 at 1:30

I use Motion Blur to help reduce Gradient Banding, but this will only help with linear gradients.

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