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Why is there such a difference in the editing view & save preview views? I am using Adobe Illustrator CS6 for Mac OS X.

Color Settings: North America General Purpose 2

Profile: sRGB

Export Format: PNG-24

CMYK Color Mode

RGB Color Mode

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could you please tell us a bit more about the settings you're using, color profiles, file format of your export etc.? As-is, your question is very hard to answer and could very well be put on hold because it's 'unclear what you're asking'. Thanks! –  Vincent Mar 7 at 16:59
It looks like the color settings are North America General Purpose 2. The profile is sRGB. File format is PNG-24. Sorry for the lack of information, if I need to include more let me know. –  willhblackburn Mar 7 at 17:07
@Bakabaka see above –  willhblackburn Mar 7 at 17:20
What version of Photoshop is that? I'd assume CC due to the dark UI, but I have more options in the Save for Web dialog than your images show -- specifically color setting/profile options. –  Scott Mar 7 at 17:28
@Scott It's actually Illustrator CS6. I know I should of included all of this stuff now, sorry guys. –  willhblackburn Mar 7 at 17:38

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