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So basically, I want to edit my image (which was designed by a close friend of mine) to change my glasses from white color, to black instead. I've tried editing the hue/saturation but failed to achieve the effect.

this is the image ...

I want to learn how to do it in Photoshop. Your kind advice would be greatly appreciated :) Still relatively new to the program and learning.

Much thanks!

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I grabbed a screen shot of your image, and then pulled it into Photoshop. By using the wand with a tolerance of 32 I was able to select nearly all of the white. I then created a new layer above the image, and painted within the selection I just made so you had a new layer of black for the glasses. I then added a stroke to that layer (to help cover any missed single pixel white spots) and adjusted the stroke to be 1px, black, multiply, and 80%. I came out with this result:

enter image description here

It isn't 100% perfect, but it isn't bad considering it was less than 5 minutes of effort.

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First, looks great. Second, It probably wont be as easy as a filter, you will probably need to do a little bit of manual editing.

A couple ways to do it might be, and im sure there are plenty more.

  1. Using the pencile/paintbrush to draw over it in black, on another layer, and set the ocupancy to like 75, so it bleeds the other layers through.

  2. Use the selection tool/ magic wand and select the white, then do the hue filter like you wanted.

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