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I need a way to get at the dimensions of a Photoshop layer with their layer effects. All methods I can find (such as command/control-clicking the layer thumbnail) only select the base layer and never include their effects.

Is there a way to select/marquee the Photoshop layer plus its effects (without manually adjusting the selection using Expand) or to at least get the size of the layer plus its effects?

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You will have to make the effects their own layer, or convert the object to a smart object.

Smart Object(recommended non-destructive)

Right click on the layer and convert it to a smart object. It should account for the effects in your bounding box and dimensions.


Effect Layers

Select the object and Go to Layer -> Layer Style -> Create Layer

This will convert all the effects into their respective layers. Then you can group and it will account for those effects.

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  • New layer (Command/Ctrl+Option/Alt+Shift+N)
  • Merge Visible (Command/Ctrl+Option/Alt+Shift+E)
  • Command/Ctrl click the tumbnail
  • Delete the new layer if necessary

You could also use the Create Layer option by Control/Right-clicking the fx icon next to the layer name in the Layer Panel.

enter image description here

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Duplicate the layer and create a new empty layer. Hold both layers and merge them (duplicated one and empty one) then hit ctrl+t. You will see the dimensions in the info panel (window -> info)

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