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When I'm working in CorelDraw and my paper size is A4 (it's shows in the left upper corner) I keep the size of my poster into the limits of my borders/paper. Meanwhile, I have nothing changed in the settings and I go to export my .cdr file :

enter image description here

it is not centered in the paper as you can see ...

enter image description here

when im going to print the above RGB file(poster) it is printed all but leaves a big gap at the right of the page of my paper, and at the left side of my paper has no border at all

I do not understand what I am doing wrong. How can I correct the issue?

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Are you exporting with "Selected Only" unchecked? –  cclark413 Apr 4 at 13:03
1. Could you take a screenshot of your workspace so we can see what the document looks like in CorelDRAW? –  Alicja Z Apr 5 at 22:30
2. Are you sure you don't have any white or transparent objects behind the poster (or within the poster group) that stretch out to the right further than the poster itself? –  Alicja Z Apr 5 at 22:31
Maybe it is just me, but second and first images look the same. I'd think instead of being too concerned about whatever difference it is between these that I can't even see looking at it a few times, that you might think more about text sizes and general design issues to make it communicate better. –  Cakey Aug 24 at 3:00

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Check SCALING options before exporting. if you are not sure about scale and really clueless about white band then just group everything on the page by pressing ctrl+A and ctrl+G, double click on RECTANGLE TOOL and then Powerclip (Effects > powerclip > Place Inside Container) the grouped elements into the rectangle. This will hide all overflows.

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