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i want to use this color as base color for my site

enter image description here

I have navigation bar on left which is vertical around 220px wide and 47px height per tab i also have horizontal navigation tabs as well

Now i am confused what should be the background color of tabs and what should be the hover color and active tab color

Can anyone have some ideas

The site design is simple

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Check out Adobe Kuler (pronounced cooler).

Great resource for color schemes / color inspiration. You can even search for "blue".

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Are any site examples using blue color theme , i wan to see some example. i am confused how to use those colors – user873424 Jul 16 '11 at 20:24
First result in a Google search for "blue websites" - In Kuler, you would find the blue you liked, then utilize the other colors of the palette as secondary/accent colors (ie: One color for links, one for borders, etc). Kuler palettes help one visualize what colors work well together. You're already sold on blue as a primary color...use Kuler or one of the 60 sites to find a good set of complimentary colors for your project. – Dawson Jul 16 '11 at 20:35

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