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What font is used in the following image?

Enter image description here

The original image URL is

I'm also open to any recommendations of fonts that might play nicely in it.

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Hi there and welcome to GD! We have a collection of font identification resources, and it is a good idea to try that first. Edit your question and let us know what you have tried without luck. Always good to show a little effort, and chances of getting a good answer increases. – Benteh Apr 12 '14 at 16:40

According to Identifont, it appears to be a variant of Parisian, a classic Art Deco font from 1928:


Comparing your image to the sample above, it looks like the font in your image has slightly sharper corners than most of the cuts of Parisian I could find, and lacks some of the subtle line thickness variation. Still, it's obviously a variant of the same font.

For similar or matching fonts, you may want to take a look at Didone typefaces, which are characterized by high line-width contrast and clean geometric letterforms. While the "defining" examples of the style, like Didot and Bodoni, are slab-serif typefaces, there are also sans-serif fonts with a similar style. A few modern examples I happened across while writing this are the Grenale family and Vanitas.

Edit: I think the specific Parisian variant in your image may be Upper East Side by David Rakowski:


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