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There is smooth mode (3 on keyboard if I'm correct) to show objects 'smooth' in the viewport, but when I render it, there is no smoothing.

What should I do in order to get a smooth render?

I've tried to look for tools for smoothing, but was unable to find anything. In 3ds max I could achieve it by applying the modifier Turbosmooth.

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What renderer are you using? –  mhlester Apr 29 at 22:43
I'm using mentalray –  Avdept Apr 30 at 6:35
If you're using mental ray, it should render smoothed automatically. My answer can't possibly be helpful can it? –  mhlester Apr 30 at 6:36
It is helpful, i was about to switch to Vray, so any info is welcome :) –  Avdept Apr 30 at 6:41
I've confirmed, Mental Ray doesn't require anything special. If it's smooth mesh in the preview, it'll render that way by default. The only way I could break it was if I unchecked Use Preview Level for Rendering in the shape attributes, and set Render Division Levels to 0. I'm guessing you didn't do that –  mhlester Apr 30 at 15:28

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I'm going to assume you're using V-Ray. It's the most popular renderer that doesn't by default inherit from the smooth mesh settings.

  1. So, you've made a cube, and pressed 3 to smooth it:

    viewport smoothed

  2. When you render, it isn't smooothed:

    render not smoothed

  3. You have two options.

    • Enable subdivision on the shape (attribute editor for the shape node): shape smoothing
    • Globally tell V-Ray to render based on the viewport subdivision (render settings): global smoothing
  4. Either option will smooth your render:

    enter image description here

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Thanks, ill try to find something similar for mentalray –  Avdept Apr 30 at 6:36
I'll see what I can come up with when I get back to the office in another 9 hours –  mhlester Apr 30 at 6:42
Hey in my attribute editor under - attributes- there is no vray option do you know why this is? thanks –  austin Jul 31 at 3:11
@austin V-Ray is a third party renderer (plugin). If you haven't installed it properly you won't have the menu. Are you rendering in V-Ray? –  mhlester Jul 31 at 4:32

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