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Does anyone know the name of this font, or the name of the style/category where I could look for similar ones?

Need help finding a similar or same font

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It appears to simply be 3D modeling of shapes. How do you know it's a "font"? – Scott May 1 '14 at 6:00
Where did you find the image Kreo? if we know the source, it may help the community identify the font. – SaturnsEye May 1 '14 at 7:56
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Myfonts has an online font matching tool, "WhatTheFont", which can help you find a font given a bitmap of a couple of characters. Unfortunately 2 characters is too few to get a good match (unless the image is very clear and sharp). I've found good matches for 8 to 10 characters, for instance.
For your question WhatTheFont doesn't give relevant fonts, but the tool may be useful for similar questions from other users.

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Check Techno Various fonts

Techno Various Fonts

enter image description here

Above you have some similar fonts :

HFF Eye Sore

enter image description here

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