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I have a circle-like path in Sketch. How can I now see if it's really a circle (i.e it was created with the Oval tool) or if it's just a path with the shape of a circle. They look the same and all the settings are the same, but when I export them to an SVG file the circle will be translated to a circle-tag and the path will be translated to a path-tag, which is a great difference.

Is there a way to differentiate them at all?

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just a tip.....while you make a circle with oval tool....press shift and make.....it will come perfect circle... hope it helps :) –  Aby May 5 at 6:08
I knew that already, but thanks anyway. ;-) –  adius May 6 at 7:20

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You can do that easily via a plugin that checks what selectedLayer.layers().objectAtIndex(0).className() looks like.

Just copy and paste the following into the Plugins › Custom Plugin window, hit Save… and give it a nice name like Is this a circle? :)

try {
  var c = selection[0].layers().objectAtIndex(0).className()
  if(c == "MSOvalShape") {
    [doc showMessage:"Selected layer is a circle"]
  } else {
    [doc showMessage:"Selected layer is NOT a circle"]
} catch(e) {
  [doc showMessage:"Selected layer is NOT a circle"]

Hope it helps!

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This is my knowledge based on Sketch 3.

You can select a shape with a right click and do -> Copy CSS Attributes

If you look into the clipboard (e.g. paste it into TextEdit)

  • on a Shape the first line is: /* Path 1: */
  • on the circle the first line is /* Oval 1: */

Hope this helps!

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Unfortunately this is just plain wrong. The comment is just the name of the layer. If you rename the layer it won't help you at all… –  adius Aug 3 at 14:34

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