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I'm creating a graphic for a website. When trying it out, I realized it was a bit blurry.

I asked a graphic designer the reason it was blurry, and she had stated the graphic may need to be larger, and to try the width at 1000 pixels.

How can I set a custom size for my artboard, to a specific number of pixels in Adobe Illustrator?

Thank you for any help.

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A bit off topic (hence the comment) but I thought you might also find these tips interesting, related to "how to create crisp web images in AI":… – cockypup Jun 20 '14 at 12:50

Simply enter the number of pixels in the measurement fields, with the Artboard Tool selected...

enter image description here

You can insert any number and any measurement system and Illustrator will honor it. 1000px, 1000pt, 1000p0, 100", 1000cm, 1000mm, etc.

You can also do the same thing in the new document window... enter whatever value you want...

enter image description here

You can also simply draw a rectangle the size you want in an existing document, then choose Object > Artboards > Convert to Artboards from the menu.

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In the menu:
Illustrator > Preferences > Units
Set General to Pixels in the dropdown.
Then, you can set all the values to pixels because that is the default.

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