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Since Eye drop tool coping all the properties from one object to another and I Don't want this in some cases.

Does any one knows how to copy only selected property form one object to another in illustrator.

For example:

  • Object A has a fill color + outline. And I want to to copy Fill color (only) and not the outline to Object B. Then what is the solution? Please help. Thanks in advance
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If you double-click the Eyedropper Tool you can choose which items gat picked up. It's a bit unreliable, and has a few bugs, but it does work in many cases.

You could also simply select Object A, drag the color from the Color Panel to the Swatch Panel, then select Object B and click the swatch you created to use that color.

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Cool, I didn't know you could get an option list for the Eyedropper by double-clicking it :) – SaturnsEye May 7 '14 at 14:41
Thank you Scott. I was also not aware about that double clicking of Eyedropper tool have lots of options. Now I found the great Place to ask my doubts for IL. Actually I am just shifted from CorelDraw to IL so that I am facing lots of issue here in IL which i have to cover. This is great place. Thank you again :) – Gobind Neupane May 8 '14 at 13:11

Just to add to what scott wrote.

Using the eyedropper tool will apply all properties of the object selected (items that are selected when you doublt-click the eyedropper tool at least).

Another shortcut is to hold shift when picking the colour, that will only pick the colour clicked to the object selected, and will apply it to the active appearance at that moment (Stroke vs Fill).

Hope this helps!

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Yes Mamoon your Shift+Eyedropper tool Trick really works for me even from the object which have gradient I can choose the color i want. Thanks! One more thing if any one knows here ;). How to change the outline setting for individual objects (not for all objects in AI. only selected) so that when i increase or reduce object then outline also change accordingly. – Gobind Neupane May 8 '14 at 13:06
Good to hear! Enjoy your colour picking! – Mamoon May 8 '14 at 13:06

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