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I make to-do lists at work on post its for things I have to do. e.g.

  • Make the software more usable.

  • Change radioboxes to checkboxes.

  • Refactor code.

  • Commit and merge with master branch.

Now I have completed the 2nd task and have striked it through or I make a tick mark on it. Next I want to do the 3rd and 4th task. I want to postpone the 1st one. What kind of symbol should I draw on the post-it to best indicate that I have postponed the task?

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I like the II sign depicting pause on the players. Its advantage is that you can place a "stop" square or other signs of similar style, so the all bunch of signs will be successive.

enter image description here

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Perhaps you could place one of the icons shown below above your post-it? I like the clock idea, by adding the arrow circling the clock it could be interpreted as rescheduling.

Postpone icon ideas, back arrow and clock reschedule

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I use a capital P and circle it, beside the task!

Or on a second thought maybe put an icon of a old school clock?

Hope that helps!

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you can use below icons and modify it to show the postpone status


enter image description here


Hour Glass

enter image description here

Note: All icons are taken from the internet. Please check copyright stuff before using it directly. These icons are just for inspiring you. Do not use directly as it is.

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