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iOS7, with a GUI designed by Jonathan Ive, is certainly a popular and well-known interface.

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Ive's work is known for its slim, curved, simplistic, smooth, bright nature.

His work has certainly become a standard that cannot be ignored by designers in today's industry. However, we're all entitled to our own preferences in the area of graphic design.

On a historical basis, the new version by Ive poses very defined differences in functional and superficial practices in comparison to past versions of the mobile OS.

  • Does the simplistic, flat nature of the interface serve improve the functionality of the system over previous models? Does it add more decorative value than functional, or vice-versa?

  • Is Ive's bright, extravagant color preference a good fit for the iOS GUI?

  • The unique color and simplicity is accompanied by a very fluid behavior within many apps, wherein pieces can be pulled and tugged on, or slid around in a stretchy, soft manner. Do you prefer this technique over the former, rigid (not stretchy, to-the-point, exact) style of previous versions?

  • The icon designs themselves are an interesting topic as well. Do you have an opinon, one way or the other, of the effectiveness of the iOS7 versions of the well-known (default) application icons?

  • All in all, does Ive contribute notable improvement to the quality of iOS's GUI design, graphically, in comparison to past version? If you think so, what are some examples of or benchmarks for the improvement to be measured by?

What are your artistic & designer thoughts and opinions on these aspects, via iOS7?

Answer Objectivity:

In order to ensure that your reviews maintain an objective foundation, please accompany any opinions with citations / examples of credible, historical, or fundamental aspects of graphic design.

Edit: It's come to my realization that design "reviews" of public work such as this differ from the already shakily off-format, but on-topic "critiques" of personal works and are not appropriate for this site.

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I am not sure that design changes made my "work" more or less effective, thus my feeling that functionality did not change: I work as usual, and the only thing that changes the functionality for me - new UI options/actions and not design itself as a visual feature.

If you ask psychologists, probably they will find some users feeling better when using "such an airy and modern looking" devices powered by iOS7 etc, however the field is very subjective and IMHO has no clear cut.

For me - if the design does not slow my work speed and does not add any actions/active features - I don't care about the external view from the professional point, but when I update the system to the "new" design subjectively I feel good and I can say: "I like it". And you know, if you like something - It probably helps you be a better worker...

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I hate the look of iOS 7.

I loved the tiny drop shadows from iOS 6. I loved how everything looked real, how it had weight and volume, the skeuomorphic feeling to the interface. iOS 7 has stripped everything down to cartoonishly minimal lines. I could have coped with the ridiculously bright colors if the icons still felt like things, but the current flat icons just feel...cheap. I think it's a huge step backwards, visually.

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As somebody who doesn't care about reality: I don't care about reality. –  bjb568 May 13 at 3:41

For me in first look first reaction

  • iOS7 Icons, the extremely colorful icons with inconsistent gradients.
  • Weird, ugly, unbalanced and unattractive color palate used. Frosted glass effect with bad choice if icon design.

They said it gonna be flat, but I like flat design to be simple, no use gradients, shadows and textures. Simple shapes & bold colors.

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