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I am a GIMP beginner and have successfully created images with my desired transparencies in GIMP. However, I have problems with and can't seem to understand the ins-and-outs of image and canvas sizes.

I have multiple images that I exported from another software program at 8.5x11 (US letter). I create a new image canvas in GIMP (File -> New) and set the size to 8.5x11 (US letter), but when I add my images sometimes the image is cropped (essentially zoomed in) and sometimes it is over-centered (zoomed out). I re-size the canvas successfully but can never get the images to fit correctly. Can someone please clarify the fundamental piece of graphic design knowledge I'm missing here?

I have included a couple of my attempts below. Also, it appears these threads are close to the answer I'm looking for, but miss the mark:

Gimp : difference between crop and canvas size

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Gimp : difference between crop and canvas size

This image was added to GIMP with a canvas size of 8.5x11 inches, just at different zoom levels: enter image description here

enter image description here

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What exactly do you do? How do you “add your images”? The first thought here is: you should take a look at your images resolution (in PPI). Your problems appears to stem from mismatched resolutions. –  thebodzio May 9 at 2:01
Have you tried to fit canvas to layer and (if necessary) resize the layer to desired size? –  Paolo Gibellini May 9 at 7:30
@thebodzio, I'm just dragging and dropping the images into GIMP from windows explorer. –  mikeLdub May 9 at 13:55
thanks @PaoloGibellini, Fit Canvas to Layer worked. However, I would still love it if someone could clarify for me why an 8x11 image doesn't fit into an 8x11 canvas from the start. –  mikeLdub May 9 at 13:58
@mikeLdub The resolution is your most probable culprit. It's not enough to say “my image is 8×11.5 in” in the case of raster image. You also have to say how many pixels fit in 1 inch. –  thebodzio May 9 at 14:49

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