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If I Save for Web in Illustrator, there is a very slight color change, which is to be expected. However, when I create a "Save for Web" action and apply it instead of directly using Save for Web, the color is much more vibrant.

I used the exact same settings as when I recorded the action- the only difference is that I'm using an action shortcut so that I don't have to jam my fingers with alt-cmd-shift-s every time. Why is it behaving this way?

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If you are saving in PNG format, you can use "pngcheck -v file.png" to look at the contents. In particular, see if there are differences in the color management chunks (iCCP, cHRM, and/or gAMA). –  Glenn Randers-Pehrson May 22 '14 at 19:57

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are you working in CMYK mode?

if so, that is the issue. when the computer is trying to display the CMYK colors in RGB things get out of whack. If you are working on something to be displayed by screens just start you file on RGB.

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I was in RGB. I actually solved the issue by restarting Illustrator. Apparently if you change the color profile settings and try to use actions to save, it will use the old settings until you restart. At least that is what I think is going on. –  Justin May 22 '14 at 23:45

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