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I have a laser printer, and I wish to print onto plastic sheets for creating boxes to hold playing cards. How would one go about the printing process, or is it even possible? What plastic should I use?

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I am afraid that you need to consider not just a plastic but a laser printer, because during printing process heating is used and you have a chance to destroy your device.

You can check for specialized equipment at Plastic Printers. I am sure they also have clean plastic cards ready for print.

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Unfortunately, they only print on cards. I'm looking for Sheets. –  user24683 Jun 9 at 20:37

Generally what you would put through a laser printer would be called Transparency Film. Something like this: http://www.staples.com/office/supplies/StaplesProductDisplay?storeId=10001&catalogIdentifier=2&partNumber=829903&langid=-1&cid=PS:GooglePLAs:829903&ci_src=17588969&ci_sku=829903&KPID=829903

But this is thin stuff. I'm not sure it would be sturdy enough for your application.
You could give it a go though if a laser printer is all you have. Maybe print on the transparency film, but frame your boxes with sturdier plastics.

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Well, that sure would work for a while, but I'll need something a little better. How would silk screening fair? –  user24683 Jun 10 at 3:35
more difficult than laser printing. Usually you would silkscreen on a material that could absorb the ink, paper or fabric etc. Plastic would work too, but you might need different inks or additional equipment. Getting the ink to set and dry properly is essential. Use Google, there are some how to's and videos out there. –  Rsiel Jun 10 at 13:17

Nekoosa Coated Products has a plastic sheet specifically for laser printing.


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This is only a link answer. Suppose the link is broken, your "answer" is useless. Please explain better! –  Kurt Nov 11 at 21:16

You would likely need a rear feed printer but I would use caution because you may break the printer or destroy the material. The material I would test with is known as styrene.

If you don't have the printer I would consider contacting your local sign shop and ask them if they can do flatbed printing if the print is to be in full color. The flatbed process typically works when a large bed has a vacuum head that pulls the flat material down and then you adjust the head of the machine to be within a mil thick of the material and it prints on top of it. Since the material is clear I would advise asking for two passes or portrait print mode which adds more ink to the transparent material.

If you are only doing one or two colors you could contact a shirt apparel company or screen printing company and ask them if you could hire them to do this.

Be advised, I would purchase the material first and tell them "I have the material" and I just want it printed. You could face an issue with them telling you that there is no warranty and if they make a mistake tough luck but it could be a lot cheaper then paying them for the material. All you can do is ask.

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