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I have a picture that has writing over an umbrella:


I would like to accurately remove the writing from the umbrella so it appears air asia was never there.

What is the most accurate way of doing so? clone tool?

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There's numerous ways you could go about doing it; the clone tool is certainly a valid method.

It also depends on what version of Photoshop you have as the later versions may be better at filling it than the earlier versions (such as having content-aware filling)

I user Photoshop CS5, and here's how I'd do it:

I just used the magic wand and a quick content-aware fill and was returned with this result: enter image description here

As you can see, after the first time it did a great job filling in most of it. It did a pretty decent job. Now I can come in and either try and refine that content-aware fill or manually patch it up with the clone tool.

I decided to use the lasso tool and use content-aware fill in smaller areas at a time. This is what I got: enter image description here

As you can see, it's a lot better, but it still needs some small work. At this point I'd stop using the content-aware fill because by the very edges it starts losing its accuracy. I would just use the clone tool at this point. Hope that helped a bit!

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