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I am completely new to designs and illustrator. I am designing a scientific poster, so I want to create a curved line on the left of the poster where the left of the line is filled with a background and the poster is to it's left.

I got a picture with the background I want and I created a "frame" which I want to use to crop this picture on the lift and add it to my poster. How can I do that?

Please correct or rephrase the question if you can for a better readability. Thank you.

enter image description here

In other words, I want to use the shape on the right to crop from the left

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Step 1) Place the shape on the pic where you want it to crop. Make sure it's in front of the image.

Step 2) Select both objects, then click "Object ->Clipping Mask -> Make" (Or cmd+7 if you want to look cool)

Step 3) Take over the planet.

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Awesome. That was easy. I was trying to use the pathfinder and it was a waste of time. Thank you. – BHamza Jun 9 '14 at 18:10
When you finish Step 3 don't forget who got you there. ;-) – lawndartcatcher Jun 9 '14 at 18:12

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