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I've created PDF files with Photoshop, then combined them to create a 16 page PDF. Photoshop's colour profile is set to SWOP (Newsprint), with Total Ink Limit set to 235%.

The file will be printed and needs to be in PDF X/1-a format. Using Adobe Acrobat XI Pro, I tried Preflighting the file to get it into the correct format. Sometimes I get a colour warning, mostly I don't. When I tried uploading the preflighted file to the printers site I got the following: "WARNING Your file is not in PDF X/1-a format."

Assuming there is nothing wrong with the website, how can I create and check that my PDF is in the correct format?

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Turns out there was something wrong with the website. At least this question should still be relevant. – Captain Phoenix Jun 16 '14 at 10:29
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In Acrobat:

  1. open the pdf you want to check
  2. open Print Production tools (View > Tools > Print Production)
  3. click Preflight
  4. click the PDF/X Compliance tab
  5. click 'verify compliance with PDF X/1-a
  6. see the report.

If it fails, you can convert it to a PDF/X standard using the selections above 'verify compliance…'. However be cautious of the result. You may not like it depending on how your file was built.

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