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Is there a way to find and change uppercase letters of a certain character style and change them to lowercase within InDesign?

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Yes! First, be certain the font has both upper and lowercase. Then, highlight the text you wish to convert. Locate from the top menu Type -> Change Case -> lowercase.

Is this what you are asking?


If you need to find something specific you can try the Find/Change feature... Locate from the top menu Edit -> Find/Change (or use the keyboard shortcut +F)

It will pull up a panel that looks like this... and with a little playing around, you can familiarize yourself with it's awesome abilities.

enter image description here

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Just make sure the 'Case Sensitive' button is selected and the Find/Change feature should work. – GoofyMonkey Jun 13 '14 at 16:21
No, that's not going to work in the specific case that this question addresses. – Alan Gilbertson Jun 13 '14 at 20:08

Other than by scripting, InDesign has no way to force lowercase in a global search/replace, as you have no doubt discovered.

A slightly-less-than-manual way to tackle this is by using Find/Change in conjunction with the keyboard.

The automated part is to use a GREP search for any uppercase character in that Character Style. The manual part is to type the lowercase directly, overwriting the found character(s). Fortunately, Find/Change is non-modal, so you don't have to jump in and out of it to make text changes.

  • In the Search/Replace dialog, choose the GREP tab. Click the icon next to Find Format and choose the Character Style you want to target.

  • In Find What? enter \u+, which finds any sequence of consecutive uppercase letters.

  • Click Find Next. This will highlight the first uppercase character(s) in that Character Style. Type the lowercase equivalent(s) or use Type > Change Case > lowercase. Repeat until you reach the end of the document.

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It's helpful to assign a shortcut to the Type-->change case-->option of your choice. That way you can put in your search string and then when it highlights it, you just hit your keyboard combo and then hit find next and keep on going.

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\u{2,} This finds whole uppercase words

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Could you explain in a bit more detail what you mean? – Cai May 5 at 14:05
The discussion is about using grep to find upper-case words in a document. Someone provided a formula but it was only for finding single upper-case characters, so I have posted a formula which finds whole upper-case words. – Holly Marjoram May 5 at 14:34
For anyone who had actually followed the discussion it would make perfect sense. Don't have time for this. – Holly Marjoram May 5 at 15:00
@HollyMarjoram GDSE follows a strict Q&A format (as opposed to a forum format). This isn't a discussion, it is a question with distinct answers. Your answer should stand on its own without relying on previous answers. (The original question doesn't even mention GREP so this answer makes no sense if you don't know how to use GREP) – Cai May 5 at 15:14
You can visit our help center to read more about how the site works. – Cai May 5 at 15:15

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