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Is there a way to find and change uppercase letters of a certain character style and change them to lowercase within InDesign?

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Yes! First, be certain the font has both upper and lowercase. Then, highlight the text you wish to convert. Locate from the top menu Type -> Change Case -> lowercase.

Is this what you are asking?


If you need to find something specific you can try the Find/Change feature... Locate from the top menu Edit -> Find/Change (or use the keyboard shortcut +F)

It will pull up a panel that looks like this... and with a little playing around, you can familiarize yourself with it's awesome abilities.

enter image description here

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Just make sure the 'Case Sensitive' button is selected and the Find/Change feature should work. –  GoofyMonkey Jun 13 at 16:21
No, that's not going to work in the specific case that this question addresses. –  Alan Gilbertson Jun 13 at 20:08

Other than by scripting, InDesign has no way to force lowercase in a global search/replace, as you have no doubt discovered.

A slightly-less-than-manual way to tackle this is by using Find/Change in conjunction with the keyboard.

The automated part is to use a GREP search for any uppercase character in that Character Style. The manual part is to type the lowercase directly, overwriting the found character(s). Fortunately, Find/Change is non-modal, so you don't have to jump in and out of it to make text changes.

  • In the Search/Replace dialog, choose the GREP tab. Click the icon next to Find Format and choose the Character Style you want to target.

  • In Find What? enter \u+, which finds any sequence of consecutive uppercase letters.

  • Click Find Next. This will highlight the first uppercase character(s) in that Character Style. Type the lowercase equivalent(s) or use Type > Change Case > lowercase. Repeat until you reach the end of the document.

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