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Is it easy to convert an image to a cartoon with high quality ? Like this:


I've watched this tutorial : but the quality of the outcome is still far away from the one above.

Is there a way to make a better one (as close as the example above) ?

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It's very easy: Hire an illustrator. – DA01 Aug 21 '11 at 1:13

Tracing software may help getting started, but then there's still a lot of illustrating craft there. Photoshop and Gimp does not sound like the right tools for the trade, Illustrator and Inkscape are more like it. IIRC both should have embedded tracers.

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You're right. I found this clip : and it seems not to be easy for a beginner. – Sun Aug 21 '11 at 2:57

If you have Adobe Flash it has Trace tool in it's Menus (Modify -> Bitmap -> Trace Bitmap). Change it's parameters to get the best result. The good thing is despite Adobe Photoshop it will return a vector image. if you need a vector image I think it is the best way.

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It's probably not 3D, but I wouldn't really call that "cartoonized" either. It looks like somebody just played around with some artistic filters and maybe some posterization.

If you have photoshop, load a source image and then go to FiltersArtistic and then choose one of the filters. This will launch the filter browser and you can try out different effects.

Some of the filters that will get you partway to your goal:

  • Cutout
    Try with high number of levels, low edge simplicity, high edge fidelity.

  • Dry Brush
    Low brush size, medium-high brush detail, low texture.

  • Palette Knife
    Low stroke size, mid stroke detail, low softness

None of these on their own will get you all the way to a "Cartoon" effect - you would still need to play around with edges and maybe some shading. Maybe this will start you on your way though...

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For the image you attached :

i think the example you attached is quite not possible with the help of Photoshop because the given image and the output both way differ to each other so as it seen, there is no role of Gimp or Photoshop.may be it is done by some sort of 3d software

The output may be looks like a 3d anime character which can be made with the help of some 3d character creation software.such as 3D MAX, Autocad, Blender.

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Hi Jack, I don't think it is 3D. It is similar to this one : and this one : – Sun Aug 20 '11 at 19:08
ummmmmmmm nice catch cud be my mistake :| – Jack Aug 21 '11 at 15:05

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