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I have a necktie with a pink solid color, that I want to use as a mockup:

enter image description here


And I have a number of neckties with various patterns like this:

enter image description here


How to copy the patterns from the patterned tie on top of a solid colour pink necktie, maintaining the integrity of the image, all the cringes, shapes and folds?

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You could try: -desaturate original object. -mask the original object. -make a pattern brush for each other pattern to be applied (also desaturated preferably). -Paint pattern brush into masked area in a new layer with a multiply, screen or overlay layer. -Add a solid color adjustment layer, so you are able to tint it back.

|         | <------- original desaturated     
|  +------+--+   
|  |         | <---- pattern brush filled layer (desaturated and masked)
|  |  +------+--+
+--+  |         | <- solid color (adjustment layer to tint final image)
   |  |         |
   +--+         |
      |         |
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thank you Armando. Will try it today and let you know –  Evgeny Jun 7 at 9:24

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