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I had created 24x24 pixels size outline icons (width: 1 pixel) on AI6 and I also used the Path/Outline stroke at the end. When I paste it as shape layer, smart object etc. to Photoshop it looks fuzzy.

The icon located in pixel perfect without any decimal value and I didn't resize it in Photoshop.

What am I missing? could be that there is no way doing that for small icons?

Thank you

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I think you are caught in the trap of anti-aliasing. Your vectors get in between of pixels and Photoshop smooth them out. Here is two ways:

  1. Turn on pixel grid (be sure you see any each pixel) and fix alignment of your vectors to grid

  2. Turn on Pixel Preview Ctrl+Alt+Y in Adobe Illustrator and fix shape there in "pixel view" exactly.

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I'm trying to use the pixel view on AI and it looks better. Thanks a lot! – megazur Jun 19 '14 at 9:07
Small comment, also check if your artboards are placed on an exact pixels. If they are not, then AI adds extra anti-aliasing. – cockypup Jun 19 '14 at 15:15

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