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I'm designing a one page website and trying different typography combinations for the headings and subheadings. I eventually chose what you see below.

enter image description here

I'm using Open Sans for the heading

and Lato Light for the subheading

I chose those fonts because they have similar proportions.

Could you please share your thoughts on the combination?

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Well, I do not think I have a lot to say, really. Simply because I think you have made a good choice :) –  Benteh Jun 29 at 18:30
@RandomO'Reilly thank you for your feedback! I can iterate endlessly through a lot of font combinations so it helps getting an approval. –  CyberJunkie Jun 30 at 22:36
No problem! I see no reason in fixing something that is not broken: I could have needlessly come up with a pile of other versions, but I really do think you nailed it. –  Benteh Jun 30 at 23:48

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