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Today's OpenType fonts have a lot of features included like:

kerning, capital spacing, ligatures, old style figures and stylistic sets.

I miss these features a lot. Is there a way to select those features in Inkscape?

Does anybody know if they are accessible, or at least planed?

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A Google search indicates that others have asked as well but I'm not seeing much planned. A project did exist, and received funding to improve the text --- it was implemented already.

Here is a Feature Request, but it has gotten very little support. I'd venture to say its because Inkscape is an illustration suite, not a Desktop Publishing suite.

The only thing I'm finding that may be of use to you is, Glyph Substitution. It sounds like it has some issues particularly on Windows though.

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Still looking for a solution, but could find a workaround. This can be also easily implemented as a plugin for Inkscape:

Latex source:

\usepackage{fontspec, xunicode, xltxtra}
\setmainfont[RawFeature={+liga,+kern,+ss03,+onum}]{EB Garamond}
The flavour of coffee -- 0123456789

The commands:

$ xelatex testfile.tex
$ pdftocairo -svg testfile.pdf
$ inkscape testfile.svg

The result:

The flavour of coffee -- 0123456789

The glyphs can be separated by hitting shift+ctrl+U.

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