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I have made a work around that does what the job needs but doesn't solve the problem with copy/pasting it. I saved the artwork as a png file and opened it with Photoshop, this works perfectly at least!

I am having a new problem when I am trying to copy my Illustrator artwork into Photoshop or Illustrator(new file) to create the background.

My AI file has a lot of clipping mask, bristle brushes, and textures I made so it is a very large file. When I pasted my artwork in the PS file I lose all of the grunge brushes I applied on the "platemail" and "fur" located on the chest and legs. The shading/texture effect is a great aspect of the "platemail" and can't seem to find anything off of google about it.

I outlined all of the strokes and made sure it was ready to be used. Anyone have any ideas on what I should do or how to prevent this?

(here is two screenshots from top to bottom, AI - PS)

enter image description here enter image description here

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