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I was curious to know if it is possible to merge several .indd files into one master .indd file that can be editable and preserve all links and images?

I am familiar with the drag and drop method and it does work but attempting to drag and drop 20+ .indd files can become an issue and may cause an error.

I do know how to use the File -> New -> Book:

enter image description here

although I am not happy with having to click on each .indd file in the panel to open and edit. So I ask, is there a way to create a master file either in .indb or .indd that will let you edit within one document?

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Yes, one can move/copy pages from one document to another.

  • Open both documents
  • Open the Pages palette
  • select the pages you want to copy
  • right/control-click on the selected Pages and select Move Pages...
  • change Move to:'s pop-up menu to the desired destination, set the Destination: as needed
  • OK

Repeat once for each document (no drag-drop) and you can have everything in a single .indd.

Please note that it's best not to unnecessarily combine things. Instead, just open up the Book file for a project, then open up all the sub-files and work on everything all at once. Xrefs, &c. will work faster with everything open.

There is of course a script for doing this:

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Thanks for the input and I was aware of this method per @Joonas. I also am aware how to create a book, as stated in the question, I am looking to create one master file so I can edit as such instead of going into each .indd file. – Darth_Vader Jul 8 '14 at 14:40

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