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I'm trying to copy text from a Vietnamese language PDF into inDesign and many characters are incorrectly copied.

For example, this is the correct text:


This is what it's pasted as:


What's the most effective and reliable method for copying and placing this text into InDesign?

I realize that I may not be able to do this completely automatically. Anything that would speed up the process of copying large amounts of text with special characters would help.

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Have you tried File > Save As > More Options > Text (plain) within Acrobat? I can't say it'll be better.. but I'd at least try it. – Scott Jul 9 '14 at 1:32
Yes, saving it as text doesn't make a difference. – user3505221 Jul 9 '14 at 5:09

You need to:

  • start w/ a .pdf which has the characters encoded using Unicode (check document properties)
  • have the font in InDesign set to one which has those characters at the same Unicode slots

Then it'll ``just work''.

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