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I'm an engineer but I have no experience in web design/development. I'm building my personal website with WordPress just to showcase my work, and I was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to give me some criticism on the layout of a particular page.

The site should have a simple feel as it is academic. The aim is not to attract a lot of traffic or rank highly on SEs, it's simply meant to give people looking at my CV a good impression. I would just like it to look as professional as possible within my limits.

I'm personally quite happy with how it looks but a friend has said it looks "lopsided" with the content aligned to the left, that "a list isn't attractive" and that the font types/sizes look too similar. (ps: the titles will become links to the full articles).

All comments are welcome, but I'm afraid I'll only have time to implement ones that aren't too complicated. Thank you!


enter image description here

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