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I create a new file in Illustrator. 30 x 30 px. No stroke just black fill.
I create a new rectangle 27 27 px
I select the rectangle and go to the icon align to artboard
I click to the icon Horizontal Align Center and Vertical Align Center
It moves but it does not align in the center

I do not understand. Is there anything else I have see. I am sure there is not guides, no other objects. I closed and open Illustrator and still does not center.

I have the same problem if I create a new document with any new rectangle. I do not know what else to check.

Any ideas?

enter image description here

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Hmm, it should work. are you sure it's not grouped with another object by accident? –  SaturnsEye Aug 1 '14 at 15:14
I create a new document just to be sure. There is nothing else but a rectangle. Look at the layers –  Nrc Aug 1 '14 at 15:18
Can I upload my file any place where people could check? –  Nrc Aug 1 '14 at 15:24

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I've had this problem before. If its the same thing I experienced...here's your answer...Make sure that inside your transform tool, your "Scale Strokes & Effects" and "Align To Pixel Grid" boxes are UNCHECKED.

enter image description here

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Scale Stokes and Effect won't be an issue, but you're correct about the Align to Pixel Grid. –  Scott Aug 1 '14 at 16:32

What you're doing should be correct but can I suggest, from seeing your screenshot I'm not sure if you're aligning properly.

Try Window > Align and then choosing these two selections I have highlighted. Just make sure you do this while your square has been selected:

enter image description here

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Yes, these are the icons that I click. It is just crazy. Could it be a problem of my Illustrator? –  Nrc Aug 1 '14 at 15:22
Hmm, weird. Not a problem I've every came across, unless I've accidentally grouped it with something else. –  SaturnsEye Aug 1 '14 at 15:23
In Adobe CC 2014 - you do not have the Align to section on the pop-up but it does appear on the tool bar –  Ujjwal Singh Jul 10 at 14:09

I'm having the same problem. But it was a different issue for me. I have a design that was done in InDesign and exported to PDF, then reopened in Illustrator. When I try to align to artboard center horizontal and center-vertical, it would move but it would not be centered. If you try it again (from the position it just moved to), it would actually move to another location--almost like a step-and-repeat.

So I ungrouped, and a bunch of other boxes appear. I deleted those, and had to "release clipping mask", then I was able to center to the artboard, FINALLY!

You can see the steps I took below.

First image: placing art in document/// Image 2: trying to center horiz and vert/// Image 3: another attempt to center horiz and vert/// Image 4: ungroup and release clipping mask/// Image 5: Ta-daaa! Now it will center correctly.

Object placed on the artboard

After first center attempt

After second center attempt

enter image description here

enter image description here

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While this certainly is helpful, it has nothing to do with the original question. Perhaps you should pose this as a new question, then answer yourself with your solution. That would assist other using in finding this information. –  Scott Sep 29 '14 at 21:04

It was the hidden "Guides", they got grouped to the object(s). Unhide the guides and ungroup them from your object(s), and then try to align again.

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Windows → Align → More Options → Align to Artboard

You're currently aligning with Selection, that's the issue.

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Hi user252064, welcome to GDSE and thanks for your answer. If you have any questions, please see the help center or ping one of us in Graphic Design Chat once your reputation is sufficient (20). Keep contributing and enjoy the site! –  Vincent May 4 at 10:44

The Align by default only works with more than one item selected.

enter image description here

If you change "Align To:" Artboard it will align the item based on the dimensions of the Artboard you are using.

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This is only partially correct. If "Align To:" is set to Artboard, you only need one item selected. –  TunaMaxx Sep 29 '14 at 20:44

You need to see whether in the Align option - down right hand corner - under 'Align to section' - need to select 'Align to artboard option', then it will work properly

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I had the same problem completely randomly. I resolved it by checking 'use preview bounds'

enter image description here

enter image description here

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