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Pressing D will switch to the default Fill/Stroke colors (which is White Fill / Black Stroke in Illustrator).

I remember having read about a way to define your own default Fill/Stroke colors, but I forgot how – e.g. say I want Transparent Fill and Black Stroke.

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Ok, the answer was easy (but hard to recall if you've forgotten it like me):

  1. Set your preferred Fill & Stroke.
  2. Open the Graphic Styles panel; Window > Graphic Styles.
  3. Click the New Graphic Style button.
  4. Hold Alt/Opt key and drag the new style onto the default style. (The default style is the one having a miniature Fill/Stroke symbol in the lower left corner).

Now, pressing 'D' will change all selected objects to the new default style.

A bonus tip: In the Graphic Styles panel, open the Graphic Styles Libraries Menu and choose for example Additive. While having a path selected, Alt-/Opt-click on one of the Additive styles, to add some very interesting effects on your path.

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Thanks man, helped a lot ;) – zanona Mar 20 '14 at 16:46

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