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I am looking for a site that provides services like Wilogo
but with more reasonable prices.

Do you know of any alternatives?

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Welcome to GD.SE! Did you try searching for "logo design sites"? –  Brendan Aug 6 at 21:40
295€ seems very reasonable to me for a custom logo design. –  Scott Aug 6 at 21:43
@Brendan Yes but i didn't find anything useful. –  g7k Aug 6 at 21:48
I don't see the correlation. The logo is the #1, most important image you will ever use in any company. It sets the tone for the company in the marketplace, defines the companies atmosphere, and relays attitude to customers. Nowhere else will any one item be so imperative to a successful business. 300€ for that seems, if anything, fairly inexpensive. But it is your company and I'm sure my opinion means little :) –  Scott Aug 6 at 21:53
In short, it's a one-time fee and 300€ is indeed reasonable. You'll never have to pay that again. You can try and scrimp and save money on the logo, but there's a high probability, if the company is successful, you'll end up spending much more the 300€ to have the logo redone when it becomes clear it is far too generic and not appropriate for your unique company. I have zero stake in where you get your logo done and quite honestly if I thought 300€ was outrageous, I'd say so. What I do think is outrageous is anyone charging less than 200€ for a custom logo. –  Scott Aug 6 at 22:17

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If it's so easy, just do it yourself. Make it in Microsoft Paint. It will cost nothing at all but your time.

Then you can save your money for the 3 $100 computers you are buying from Goodwill.

Even if someone is making minimum wage then $295 is like 30 hours of time. And you only make minimum wage if the requirement is "show up for work" and don't pick fights with the customers.

But here, if you want a cheaper logo, this is the guide for you:


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Perfect thanks :-) –  g7k Aug 7 at 18:17

Maybe your start up's bank account is running on empty.
Maybe a professional image isn't important right now.
You just need some letters tossed together to get you rolling.
You're the one who needs to reconcile the accounts.

But, don't expect to find much love for that approach here. You're addressing people who are (hopefully) charging $1000+ USD for decent branding work. A well-developed brand identity is going to start at $2500+ USD on the low end.

These sites have the low quality, low budget goods you're looking for. Good luck with that start up.


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