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What could I use besides trapcode particular in ae to get a waterfall effect? I saw a tutorial on ae tuts { http://cgi.tutsplus.com/tutorials/create-a-rushing-waterfall-using-particular--ae-28751 } and I can't buy the trapcode particular so is there any other way of getting this effect without particular? Thanks.

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Hi there, and welcome to GD! It would be most helpful if you could add some screenshots and show us what you have tried and where exactly you get stuck. This saves everybody time, and makes it more likely that you will get helpful answers. –  Benteh Aug 7 at 17:09
You can do it with a built in effect CC Particle World. –  Joonas Aug 7 at 17:10
Could you explain or give me steps on how to make this effect with particle world? –  Panda AB Aug 7 at 19:10
I'm not sure if I want to, to be honest. I'm afraid the answer would be super long and I don't feel like doing it :/ –  Joonas Aug 7 at 22:58
No problem. I'll do some research on particle world. –  Panda AB Aug 7 at 23:36

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