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I'm trying to open a PDF file with 7 pages and need to adjust each page in Illustrator CS6. How do I open the PDF file in one single AI files with all artboards within it?

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This is the only way I know and it may or may not work with your version of Illustrator. –  Scott Aug 12 at 18:13

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The Illustrator PDF Editing Method: Open one of multi-page, edit & save - Illustrator's open file dialog box allows you to open a specific page of the PDF document. When change a single page and save it, those changes are saved to the original PDF document overwriting only that page of the multi page PDF file. Aside from seeing every page as an artboard, this works for most cases.

Other Methods: Illustrator doesn't have a way to open a multi page PDF as an .ai file with multiple artboards. One way is with scripts and achieve a conversion or open PDF pages one by one and drag and drop them into a new .ai file presetted with the number of desired artboards.

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There's this cool plugin: http://aiscripts.com/ai-scripts/openmultipagepdf/

It's worked beautifully for me

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Please explain more. Suppose the linked page is down. Then your answer is useless as it stands now ... –  Kurt Oct 30 at 12:34

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